Coco Cabana Body Fragrance Mist

Coco Cabana Body Fragrance Mist

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In Brazil, fragrance is more than what we wear, it’s about creating a world we love – and love to live in. We call this experience Cheirosa – and it’s our Brazilian Beauty Secret. There’s no one way to describe Cheirosa but it means you smell incredibly delicious from sunrise to sunset, and it’s a part of our every day.

Our Coco Cabana Mist captures the essence of Cheirosa with notes of coconut cream, tropical orchid and toasted praline – and a scent you’ll want to use everywhere.

Spritz head-to-toe and on your hair so your scent moves with you. Scent lingerie, bed linens, and even inside your dryer. Surround yourself with the fragrance you love.

This is so Cheirosa.



Lusciously layered and complex, our Cheirosa ’39 Coco Cabana fragrance is kissed with irresistible notes of coconut cream from young green coconuts, tropical orchid and toasted praline. Deliciously sophisticated and not your typical coconut fragrance, our fragrance is authentically and irresistibly Brazilian – and inspired by the ultimate Brazilian Bombshell, Carmen Miranda. Learn more about fragrance inspiration and Carmen Miranda below.


You’ve never experienced a coconut fragrance quite like this. Our coconut cream notes are inspired by the coconuts we love in Brazil – young, green coconuts. These coconuts are absolutely irresistible and brimming with deliciousness – they make us happy and we love to drink straight from our green coconuts. We’ve layered our coconut notes with fragrant tropical orchid and warm praline to touch new temptations.


Our Coco Cabana Cheirosa ’39 fragrance is inspired by Brazilian sensation, Carmen Miranda. Loved by us as the original Brazilian Bombshell, Carmen Miranda lived up to the image in every way.

Talented, beautiful, and bigger than life, Carmen became an international star from the 1930s-1950s, and a symbol of Hollywood’s golden age. She also ushered in Brazil’s own golden age, shining a spotlight on Brazilian music, dance, and culture for all the world to fall in love with.

1939 marks the year that Carmen first appeared in what would become her signature fruit hat, to the delight of the world. Cheirosa ’39 celebrates that iconic moment with our own iconic fragrance to capture yet another Brazilian sensation.



Top: Coconut Cream

Mid: Warm Vanilla, Tropical Orchid

Base: Creamy Sandalwood, Toasted Praline